Measure Your Blog Popularity on Social Bookmarking Websites with Socialmeter

How may people have bookmarked my site on ? Or which all stories of my blog have been digged, furled or saved on Yahoo MyWeb ? You can get all this information and more from socialmeter.

SocialMeter is tiny Web 2.0 app that helps you measure the popularity of your blog (or even a blog article) on various social bookmarking websites and blog search engines.

You type in the Blog URL and socialmeter fetches the details of all stories on social websites that link to your blog. Currrent, it fetches link details from, Digg, Furl, Google, Jots, Linkroll, Netscape, Reddit, Shadows, Spurl, Technorati, and Yahoo My Web.

The blog popularity score may not be much significance but what I like about socialmeter is the ability to discover links and report it at one central location.

So give it a shot. You can bookmark the final page to save yourself from typing the blog URL each time you use socialmeter. Also, each of the social site names are actually links to the search pages. - Analyze a webpage's social popularity.