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Mac Dock Style Application Launcher for Windows XP

Mac Dock for Windows XP
Mac has an animated little bar of icons (called "Dock") at the bottom of your screen to give you quick access to commonly used applications, documents or even file folders. (remember Google X)

Windows users can now also enjoy the Dock bar without having to switch to Mac or even spending a penny. Punk Software have released RocketDock software which is a Mac dock like application for Windows. It sports a simple drag-n-drop interface with support for multiple monitors. The price is also right - zero dollars.

Since RocketDock has a small memory footprint, it should run perfectly on low-end computers. You can add new items to RocketDock from any location; your desktop, an Explorer window, the Quick Launch Bar, and the Start Menu. The default icons can be changed to any other PNG or ICO files (alpha transparency supported).

RocketDock | Download RocketDock