Longevity Calculator: Find Out Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Monster.com founder, Jeff Taylor, today launched a new social networking site for parents and grandparents (anyone above 50). Reuters refers to this new Adult hangount eons.com as the MySpace or Facebook for the 50-plus crowd.

When most websites require people to certify that they are 18+ before they can register, eons raises the age requirement to 50+. The irony is that founder Jeff is just 47 and he may be not eligible to view certain sections of the site himself.

eons.com has a nation-wide database of obituaries dating back to the 1930s to which people can add photos and comments. You can receive alerts when someone you may know dies. There are even plans for a do-it-yourself funeral service.

How long you are expected to live ? The most interesting section is the the Adult Longevity Calculator that helps you calculate your anticipated age by analyzing answers to questions related to your lifestyle, nutrition, medical condition, and family history. You are also given a detailed report with suggestions that enable you to take action and improve your longevity.

Official Website: Eons.com | Age Calculator (requires reg.)

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