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Instructables: How-to Instructions for Everything

Don't have anything interesting to do this weekend ? Then pick an idea from Instructables and have fun.

Instructables is a wonderfule repository of Do-It-Yourself projects with easy-to-follow instructions that are also illustrated with real photographs. The site has all the social networking features like users can vote, submit their own projects, or comment on existing projects.

There are tutorials for building FBI agent style secret earphones for iPod, avoid swallowing insects while eating or creating that Magic Smoke/Fog which you see on the dance floor or even shooting a live band show.

There are controversial topics also like the one which illustrates how to blow up an airplane in mid air or another one that has step-by-step instructions on how to start smoking instantly.

You can even subscribe to your favorite tags via email or rss - so the next time another project appears on cooking some mexican dish, you know about it immediately.

Instructables - Step by Step Collaboration.