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How to Search Google News Search More Efficiently

There's more to Google News than just the Personalized News Page, Google News Search RSS feeds or the News Alerts.

You can write very powerful queries inside Google News to filter all the irrelevant information and get the exact news story you are looking for.

The trick is to use undocumented Google news search operators. Here we have written down some practical and most commonly used news search queries which you can easily visualize and then modify according to your own requirements.

A lot of these queries can be constructed from the Advanced news search page but if you like to type commands instead of using wizards, this is just for you.

Show stories related to XBox published on the BBC Website
xbox source:bbc_news

Show news about Digital Cameras from either Sony or Nikon
"digital camera" Sony OR Nikon

Show news about Video Cameras from Sony but not Panasonic
"camcorders" OR "video camera" OR "handycam" Sony -Panasonic

Show news about blogger Steve Rubel from publications located in New York
steve rubel location:ny

Show news where Seth Godin is mentioned in the headline of the news title
allintitle: "seth godin"

Show all news published on CNN in the last one hour

Show all news stories on Safe Sex published in the last one month

Show news about Plasma TV published in newspapers and media websites from England.
plasma-tv OR plasma-television location:uk

Show all news stories on Stem Cell Research from media website
"stem cell"

Show news about Microsoft Zune but filter out press releases
microsoft zune -press-release

I want to know if is indexed by Google News or not ? : if you get zero results, it's probably not indexed.

How do I search for News Headlines on Google News ?
Use the allintitle operator as described before.

Show news with Microsoft and Google in the title but in any order ?
allintitle:microsoft allintitle:google

Google News is one of the most popular product but there's no help file for Google News yet. Until then, you can refer to the queries above for an idea on how to construct your own advanced news search queries.

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