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How to Say No When Friends Forward You Junk Email

We all have some friends and relatives who are absolultely unaware of basic email etiquettes rules. They will keep flooding your inbox with forwards, pictures of kittens, friendship wallpapers, jokes, virus warnings, chain letters and every other spam that you can think of.

Now since these "junk senders" are still close to your heart, you don't want to create a rule and filter all messages from them as you may miss some important invitation or news. So how do you deal with it ? Here are two possible solutions:

One: Send them a polite email saying something like " I love your emails, they are so nice and make my day as soon as I read them. Unfortunately our company policy doesn't allow personal emails on the company servers [excuse]. Hence can you please send them to my personal email" - And that's the address you rarely check.

Second: The above approach must work in most of the cases. If it doesn't work or if you are unemployed and cannot fit in the excuse above, send him this link - Thanks, No. -"Because this person likes getting personal messages from you, but doesn’t want any more email like this, please." [via Amit via Madman]