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Google Adsense Game: The Fun approach to Adsense Optimization

Joel Comm, who started which later became Yahoo! games, has released an Adsense simulation game to let you expirement with different Adsense formats, link colors and ad placements on a virtual website. [related: Favorite Adsense Tips]

Once you have set all these parameters, click the "Start your day" button and the game will show you [simulate] how site visitors are clicking the ads and which ad units are receiving the most hits. If you think the earnings are too low for a particular layout, try changing the colors or adunit placements and hit the play button again.

Though the Joel Comm Adsense game is just a illustration of the Adsense earnings, it is still fun and Adsense newbies may get to learn new tricks like removing borders, blending color styles, etc.

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