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Good Friends: The future of Flickr & Yahoo! Photos

Ever since Yahoo! Inc. acquired Flickr photo sharing service, there has been intense speculation that the good features of Yahoo! Photos and Flickr would be merged into one consolidated photo sharing website under the Yahoo! banner.

But it's been more that a year and half since their merger and both the sites are still running independent of each other. Though Yahoo Photo users can sign-in to Flickr using their Yahoo! ID, they cannot transfer photos from Yahoo! Photos to Flickr or vice versa.

Now according to a Yahoo! Photos director, the workflow won't change anytime in the near future. Flickr and Yahoo! Photos will not be merged since these services appeal to a separate set of audiences.

However, the popular features of Flickr like tagging and simple sharing are being incorporated into Yahoo Photos. They will also release a Yahoo! Photos Uploader with drag-and-drop functionality which may be on the lines of Picasa Web Albums.

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Source: Yahoo Photos and Flickr may grow closer