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Free Windows Vista DVDs, Courtesy Microsoft India

Windows Vista DVDLast week, we shared a Microsoft community site called that were shipping free Windows Vista DVDs to anyone who registered on their website.

Since this was run by Microsoft Windows enthusiasts and not an Official Microsoft website, some people were not very comfortable sharing their personal details with them.

So here's an opportunity to get free Vista DVD from Microsoft itself. There's a very easy Windows Vista quiz up on Microsoft India website - once you answer all the questions correctly, Microsoft will dispatch a free copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 CD to your address anywhere in India.

If you are following Windows Vista news on this blog, you probably know all the answers.

Take the Microsoft Windows Vista Quiz to get your copy of Beta 2 Windows Vista.

Make sure you see this message to ensure that your request for a free Vista DVD was successfully submitted - "Thank you for taking part in the Microsoft Future Assured Quiz.
Your copy of Windows Vista Beta 2 CD will be dispatched shortly."

Update: GAS can help you cheat the quiz. They have put answers to all the Vista quiz questions on their blog [1- Vista 2- Clarity 3- November 2006 4- True 5- Aero 6- All 7- All 8- 512]