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Discover What is Inside Your Computer with Belarc Advisor

First read the following seven scenarios and if your answer to any of these is yes, you probably need Belarc Advisor - a very small Windows audit utility that prepares a comprehensive summary of your current hardware configuration, software inventory and hundreds of other things which are probably unaware of.

» You want to sell your computer but the buyer is insisting to see a detailed report of the PC hardware and the installed software.

» You are planning to migrate all your software from one computer to another but don't remember where you wrote the software registration details or the serial numbers.

» You own a desktop and a laptop but your software license permits installation only on one machine. You know the software is already installed on your laptop and want to make sure that it's uninstalled from the desktop.

» You misplaced that CD jewelbox where had the Photoshop or Windows XP serial numbers. The software support guys may ask you the software keys before taking your call.

» You bought a new but assembled computer and like to double-check that the hardware vendor has put the same parts as per the agreement.

» You want to see a list of Windows hot fixes, service packs and updates installed on the computer.

» The guy on the other side of the call wants to know what version of Windows Media player you are running but you have no clue how to find that out.

I am sure you would have felt the need of a software that helps you answer all the above questions and more. The best part is that such a sniffer software is available [belarc advisor], it's less than 1 MB in size and it's absolutely free for personal use. (not for companies or commercial purpose)

Belarc Advisor builds a detailed profile of your installed software, hardware components, printers, missing Microsoft hotfixes, anti-virus status, software keys, network details, ports, software drivers, software file versions, hard drive partitions and every possible information about your computer.

The results are saved onto a local HTML file and it's probably a good idea to run Belarc before adding any new hardware. Then once you plugin the new component, run Belarc again and compare the two inventory reports to verify what has changed in your system.

I wish this software comes pre-bundled with computer. Or even better, Google should consider making Belarc Advisor a part of their Google Pack.

Belar Advisor [Download Belarc Advisor, Belarc Security Update]