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Create Cool Apple iPod Ads with Your Photo

apple ipod adsEver thought how Apple creates those impressive iPod People Advertisements as shown in this picture ?

The very innovative Apple iPod commercials feature dark black silhouettes against bright-colored animated backgrounds. The people are shown in dancing postures holding and listening to the iPod with white earphones that stand out against the colored background and black silhouettes [download apple ad movie here]

Now Jennifer has a very simple tutorial to convert your photograph into an iPod ad using Photoshop. The ad looks best when you are in an action pose like playing a game, dancing or even jogging.

Today, Photojojo points to MacMerc which has even more detailed instructions and step-by-step guide for creating iPod people ads with your own pictures. This creates a better version of the iPod since it also shows how to create people shadows on the floor which give that 3D look to the iPod ad.

And if you hate Photoshop or don't have the "advanced" skills, just send your picture to ipop my photo and they will "ipodify" it for a fee. The final results are very impressive and they also include the iPod with the white earbuds even if they were not part of your original photograph. Happy iPodding.