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Create Beautiful Paintings with your DNA Sample or Fingerprints

DNA Paintings

Imagine converting your blood sample or fingerprint impression into a priceless piece of art that you can gift your girlfriend or just hang it in your own living room. DNA 11 can help you do just that.

DNA11 is an innovative service that creates stunning abstract art potraits by photographing human DNA samples, enlarging it, and then printing it on high-quality canvas. You can even combine the DNA of more than person on a single canvas (perfect for couples or family members)

Not just DNA, you can even send you fingerprints to DNA 11 studios, they'll scan the fingerprint image and then hand-trace it to clearly illustrate each fingerprint ridge; images can be magnified up 4,000 percent. The potrait colors can be customized to match the walls of your house.

The even better part is that the DNA11 service is available globally though the shipping cost rises substantially. Now some people have even created DNA potraits of their favorite pets.