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Connect Skype to Google Talk with Festoon Unity

Google Talk and AOL AIM have been friends since a long time. Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger also tied the knot recently. And using simple hacks, Google Talk can connect to MSN, Yahoo or ICQ IM programs.

So why should Skype users feel left behind in this great IM wedding ? All they need is Festoon.

Festoon is a free Skype plugin that lets Skype users make calls to people on Google Talk and vice-versa. Festoon also adds video chatting capabilities to these voice-only IM programs. Call invitations are sent as Instant Messages over Skype or Google Talk.

If you are looking to make you video chats more fun, Festoon Unity can help you add some candy eye-effects to your chat video much like the Logitec Quickcam. The next time you make a Skype Video call to your GTalk buddy, don't forget to show him you space ship.

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