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Buy FeedBurner Clone for US $55k only [Accessories included]

Feedpass assets were on sale at eBay recently. The highest bid was just $4,050, way below the owner's expectations. They even tried lowering the reserve price but the auction didn't find any takers.

Now Feedpass has reappeared on Ebay in a new auction with the "Buy Now" price fixed at US $55,000. No surprises, there aren't any bidders yet.

Jim of recently left a comment on this blog saying it's highly probable that FeedBurner will one-day be sold or acquired by a larger company. At that point, should all FeedBurner users panic? Absolutely not. Same goes for Feedpass users today.

Unfortunately, I am not convinced and my suggestion would be still remain the same - Feedpass publishers migrate to Feedburner.

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