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Around the Blog World: Reading List for Aug 21, 2006

Screenshots of Ebay ContextAds on Shoemoney - Yes, I Am Running eBay Ads
Yes the ads on the right are eBay ads through commission junction. They are contextual looking but I opted to use the keyword version targeting, specifically "search engine seo" and not the contextual engine which would violate TOS with google/ypn if i wanted to use them. (similar to chitika)
Treat blogging as a fun activity not an obligation - Blog Out [via Dina]
Many good bloggers keep a list of potential posting ideas handy at all times. When an idea for a column pops into their head, they write it down. Keep a pencil and notepad handy, as topics often appear as if by magic. You want to be prepared for those glorious moments of inspiration.
SEO Tricks by Google Employee Matt Cutts [echoed by Mike Rundle] - Writing useful articles that readers will love
..if you put in time and research to produce or to synthesize original content, think hard about what niches to target. My advice is not to start with an article about porn/pills/casinos/mortgages-it's better to start with a smaller niche.
Microsoft acquired 23 companies and they are still on the acquisitions spree - Microsoft is in a buying mood
The smaller deals often don't contribute significantly to the bottom line in the short run. But in some cases, their effects have been seen relatively quickly in Microsoft products. Windows Live Writer started inside Onfolio Inc., acquired by Microsoft in March.
Jason Goldman, who has been associated with Blogger since it's Pyra Lab days has decided to move out of the Googleplex after releasing version 3.0 of his favorite baby - For the Love of the B
This release of Blogger will also be the last I work on as I am leaving Google at the end of next week. I'd been planning on leaving for a while but really wanted to see this version in the wild before I went.
Good luck Jason for you new ventures. And thanks for giving us Blogger 3.0.