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AOL-Weblogs Inc Shut Down 9 Technology Blogs

Weblogs IncThe OfficeWeblog and TabletPCWeblog have been lying in an abandoned state even since Marc Orchant decided to move from Weblogs Inc to join ZDnet Office Evolution.

Today I noticed that Jason Calacanis has shut down a majority of the technology blogs on the Weblogs Inc network or merged them with the Download Squad blog.

The affected Tech blogs include P2P, Unofficial Microsoft, Search Engine, Unofficial Google, Unofficial Yahoo and the RSS Blog.

It is very obvious now that, like Nick Denton of Gawker, AOL and Jason are also revisiting their 91 blog portfolio and retiring the underperforming assets.

But unlike Gawker, there are no rumours of layoffs at Weblogc Inc yet because the free bloggers may have absorbed in other AOL departments.