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You May Never Know When IE7 Enters Your Computer

IE 7 LogoMicrosoft is planning to extend the Windows Automatic Updates program to distribute new versions of essential software in addition to the regular security patches.

Internet Explorer 7, slated for release in the next couple of months, will be the first Microsoft software to be automatically distributed via the Microsoft Update program.

Since IE7 will be available as high priority update, Windows XP users who have enabled security updates delivery will see their IE6 browser upgraded to IE7 when they pay a visit to the Windows Update Center.

While this may be a good move by Microsoft, it could backfire when people are on a dialup connection - their internet lines may get clogged when the bulky IE7 installer starts downloading over the low speed internet connection.

I think Microsoft should prompt users with low bandwidth connections to download a standalone IE7 installer instead of the regular updates since if the connection breaks, the download can be resumed which is not possible in Auto Updates.

As Microsoft promised, IE7 will preserve your current toolbars, home page, search settings, and favorites and installing will not change your choice of default browser. You will also be able to roll back to IE6 at any point by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

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