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Yahoo! Finance Badges: Add Stock Quotes To Your Blog

The much hyped Google Finance service has failed to overtake Yahoo Finance and now Yahoo is adding new features to continue maintaining that winning lead over Google Finance.

Yahoo Finance today introduced a free service that allows bloggers to embed live financial data from Yahoo Finance like Stock Charts, News and Quotes into their blogs or websites.

Using a wizard, you can type in the Stock Symbol(s) and choose the time range of the market chart - yahoo then provides you with a small iframe HTML snippet to insert in your website.

The dimensions of Yahoo! Finance Badges are especially tailored for putting them in the sidebar of blogs.

Going forward, Yahoo may integrated ads into the Yahoo Finance OneBox and share advertising revenue with the publishers. That will very likely boost the adoption rate of Yahoo Finance Badges. I think it's also a threat to Amazon Link Boxes since the sizes and implementation is very same.

Here's a live preview of Yahoo Finance Badges in action that compares stock prices of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Adobe. [300px x 452px]