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What is Flip4Mac WMV Player ?

Flip4MAC playerA lot of audio and video content on the internet is available only in Windows Media WMV format which cannot be played on Mac computers with Quicktime player.

Microsoft did develop a Mac version of Windows Media Player 9 but it failed to find a good audience in the Mac community.

Therefore, Microsoft has teamed up with another company called Flip4Mac that provides Windows Media video and audio playback capabilities in the QuickTime Player for Mac OS X.

So Flip4Mac is not a new name for Windows Media Mac Player but it lets you play Windows Media Files (.wma and .wmv) inside the Apple QuickTime player and view Windows Media content on the Internet using a Web browser.

Flip4Mac provides Windows Media playback for free but you may have to upgrade to be able to import Windows Media files for editing and create Windows Media files for distribution.

Download Flip4Mac | Windows Media Mac | Flip4Mac Universal