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What do I Write in a Thank You Note ?

Sometime back, we had an American couple stay with us for few days because they wanted to experience Indian culture, the food and the joint family concept. Before departing, they left a small thank-you note on the dinning table which we discovered just after their departure.

It carried only few words but conveyed the right feeling and emotion. What an excellent way to say Thank you. Today, Lifehack has some great suggestions when you really want to thank someone for something.

Be specific - Don't just send a thanks" and sign it. Write something more direct, that helps people remember WHY they're getting the thank-you.

Do it quickly - Thank-you notes aren't all that useful if you wait a few months to send them. Set a time limit of 2 days to get it out.

Leslie Harpold has more tips on composing a thank you note. According to Leslie, there is a six-point formula to the proper thank-you: Learn it, know it, memorize it – and it will never fail you.