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Rafat Ali Plans Expansion in India: Seeking Blogger Journalist

Rafat Ali of is on a hunt for people to work for contentSutra, a popular blog covering the Indian digital media market.

Currently, Sahad is responsible for most of the content on ContentSutra with some contributions from Rafat. I met Sahad at the BarCamp in Delhi - he has some great experience and writes terrific content.

For the new job, all you need is a laptop, broadband connection and some experience. The job responsibility is exciting:
Our brand of journalism is one-third original reporting, one-third intelligent linking/aggregation, and one-third analysis, all quick, short, smart and sharp.

Besides writing for ContentSutra, you may also be contributing to the two other sites, writing not just about Indian market but other Asian markets as well.
You should preferably be in Delhi, though other metros will also be considered.

Kamla Bhatt did an interview with Rafat on Blogging and other things.

Update: Instablogs, the only blog network in India founded by Nandini Maheshwari, are also looking for bloggers to cover area like Humour, Hobbies, Travel and Health.

Instablogs will share 60% of advertising revenues with you. So the he salary would vary depending on the popularity of your posts. I think these guys must also indicate their site traffic details and subscription numbers because the advertising revenue is generally proportional to the staring eyeball that visit your blog.