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Photogenic Tips: How to look attractive in photographs

Wikipedia describes a person as Photogenic when he or she looks better in 2D than 3D. Therefore, a person with a photogenic face may not necessarily look as attractive in real life.

While being photogenic just comes naturally to some people, there are a few things that anyone can do to look better in photos.

wikiHow offers some excellent tips to help you look more photogenic infront of the camera. Here are some of the best ones picked from wikiHow:

» Get rid of a double chin. Tilt your head down slightly and try to position yourself so that the camera is a little above your eye level.

» Many people end up looking odd in photos because they freeze into odd facial expressions with a “say cheese” type of smile on their face. If you know a picture is about to be taken, take a deep breath and exhale naturally, relaxing your arms and shoulders.

» Think happy thoughts, imagine something really funny. By doing so, you’ll get a genuine smile.

» Listen to your mother. Remember how mom always told you not to slouch? Good posture can dramatically improve your appearance in pictures.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules to define someone as photogenic - it is also a matter of opinion. According to Answers, nearly all celebrities may be considered photogenic.

Photo is of Natalie Glebova of Toronto, Canada, Miss Universe 2005