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The New York Times shares Photography Secrets

If you are an aspiring photojournalist, picture editor for a college magazine or just an amateur photographer, NYTimes has tons of good advice for you.

Michele McNally from the New York Times answers reader queries about pictures published in the New York Times, how editors select them, what cameras are used by the Times Photographers, picture manipulation using Photoshop and other interesting topics like composition, film shooting, etc:
We have a very definitive policy regarding manipulation. For news pictures it is unacceptable. Our ethics guidelines make this very clear. For feature sections we sometimes combine photography with illustration. They are clearly labeled as illustration.
The NYTimes photographers use 35mm-format Canon Mark II's and 5D's with a variety of lenses from 10mm to 600 mm. The photos are always exchanged in JPG format.

Talk to the Newsroom - Very interesting read.