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New Google Talk Has File Sharing and Voicemail

You can now send unlimited files and folders to your friends through Google Talk and there is no restriction on the file type or size.

Here are some of the new features of Google Talk

» File transfer: Send unlimited files & folders to your chat friends.
» Voicemail: Leave voice messages when your friend's not around. They’ll get your message sent as email attachment.
» Music status: You can let your friends know about the music you’re currently listening to.

The updated software is not available on the GTalk homepage yet but Alex Chitu [who tracks Google like a hawk] has successfully managed to unearth the secret download location. [Thanks Philipp]

Just yesterday, I wrote about a new Skype profile for Snagit that lets you share screenshots with other Skype contacts. And today Google has secretly released a new version of Google Talk that also support file sharing.

So Techsmith Developers are going to have a busy weekend if they decide to port the Snagit Skype profile to Google Talk as well. I think they must do it since GTalk has a good presence in the developer and geek community who frequently share screens.

Update: Google Talk Blog writes that Google is releasing these new features to only a small percentage of Google Talk users. Fill this GTalk Survey