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Logitech Webcams To Provide 1-Click Video Upload to YouTube

Yesterday there was a lot of talk regarding the business plan of YouTube other than advertising. More than 80 million videos are viewed daily on YouTube but the question was how will the video sharing site convert those millions of clicks into cash ?

Well, the long-term answer could be in partnerships with other video-accessory making companies like Logitech.

In a new agreement, Youtube declared Logitech QuickCam web cameras as the official webcam of YouTube. Users of Logitech Quickcam will be able to upload and share videos on YouTube with just a single click.

This is possibly similar to Microsoft LifeCam WebCams which allows one-click access to Windows Live Messenger.

The Logitech software will have an integrated blogging and podcasting tab that offers a link to a landing page on the YouTube Web site. The software is expected to be available later this summer.