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Dear Yahoo, I use Firefox, not Netscape

Do you use Mozilla Firefox ? Then pay a visit to the Yahoo! Music website and you're in for a surprise when you to tune it any Yahoo! Music Radio station (LaunchCast).

Yahoo will popup an error message saying "Sorry, we do not support Netscape on the Windows platform." - Can someone please help Yahoo upgrade their browser detection scripts ?

According to Yahoo! Music help, LAUNCHcast is compatible only with Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x for Windows and Yahoo! doesn't support LAUNCHcast Radio for Macintosh or with Firefox on Windows.

Absolutely fine but why are they trying to confuse web users by showing them wrong information about their browser name. I won't be surprised if my grandma starts calling Firefox as Netscape because Yahoo told her so.

Tech Note: Netscape 7.x was initially developed using Mozilla's Gecko software code base but the more recent Netscape 8.0 series is actually based on Mozilla Firefox 1.0.x code base.