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David Pogue Explores Blogosphere

David PogueDavid Pogue, my favorite New York Times technology columnist, talks to some famous blog celebrities on CBS News including founder Meg Hourihan and founder Ana Marie Cox. [full video available online]

Meg shares an interesting story behind coining of the term "blog" - "A friend of ours said, I decided I'm not gonna call it 'web log' anymore; I'm gonna pronounce it 'we--blog.' So, we changed it all to blog."

Another eye-opening Blogger survey by Pew Internet & American Life Project has revealed that people now see blogs as alternatives to the mainstream media but most Americans who run them do so as a hobby rather than a vocation.

About 77 percent of bloggers said they post to express themselves creatively rather to get noticed or paid. 37 percent of bloggers cited their life and experiences as their primary topic, while politics and government came in second at 11 percent.

Download Full Blogger Survey Report

Update: Patrix makes an interesting observation - "only 60% of the bloggers are white compared to 74% of Internet users, so effectively the minorities are making getting their voice out, if not getting heard."