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CNN Offers Tips for Shooting Great Videos & Pictures

What's happening Where You Are ? Send your Breaking News I-Report to CNN - If you have a story tip or a news event to share, head straight to the CNN website.

CNN is calling readers (aka, citizen journalist) to upload pictures and videos shot with their mobile phones and cameras to the CNN Exchange website. The CNN editorial staff reviews all submitted content and if approved, your content may get selected for broadcasting over the CNN network

Now even if you don't have anything great to share with CNN, you may still pay a visit their site for improving your shooting skills. CNN has released an handy guide called "Trade Secrets" for amateur citizen journalists that has some nice tips and precautions for taking pictures, shooting videos or recording audio.

If you are planning to produce your own podcast or vidcast shows, this is a must visit destination.

Links to CNN Tips: [pdf documents]

  Shooting Photographs | Shooting Great Video | Recording Great Audio

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