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Average Joe More Tag-Savvy than Geeks

According to various estimates, there are approximately 500,000 words in the English Language. But creative Flickr users have found around 5 million words to describe their favorite images.

Technorati,, Flickr and YouTube are the most popular Tag oriented sites in the Web 2.0 era. So we did a comparison of the count of tags that people use while posting and sharing content on these websites.

The results are very surprising: Photo Savvy users (that includes your gradma and 6yo daughter) are more Tag Savvy than their Tech Savvy or Video Savvy counterparts.

Here are the exact figures that came out during the tag study.

» fans have bookmarked their favorite websites using 877,000 tags on till now.

» Users on the Flickr photo sharing website have used 4.7 million tags to describe their pictures.

» 2.1 Million tags describe the millions of video clips upload on the Youtube video sharing website.

» Technorati users, who are definitely geekier than competition, are lazy while using tags. The billions of blog posts on Technorati has been categorized under just 403,000 tags.

The comparison graph above was created using the excellent ZohoSheet software. Yes, they do lovely Charts and Diagrams unlike Google Spreadsheets.