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Zoho Writer adds Blogging Features, Writely still hibernating

Zoho Writer, a powerful web based word-processor, has added support for Blogger, Typepad, LiveJournal and Wordpress platforms.

While Zoho's rival Writely also has blog support, Writely is not accepting new user accounts. This gives Zoho a huge opportunity to attract bloggers that are on a hunt for a rich online blog editor but can't get inside Writely. They have no real option but to choose Zoho.

Zoho Blog Editor allows bloggers to compose posts in WYSIWYG style while advanced users may edit the HTML source directly. The blog posts can be saved locally in multiple formats including the PDF format.

I think online blog editors like Zoho or Writely or even BlogThis! are a much better option that Frontpage or Adobe Dreameweaver or even Microsoft Office Word for composing blog posts. You get almost all the editing options plus save lot of CPU power for other important things.