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Windows Media Player 11 to include Podcasting support

During an interview with Hive, Geoff Harris of the Windows Media Player Team has given some strong hints that the next release of Windows Media Player 11 will include support for podcasting.

Sidebar Geek: When the Beta hit, some folks were let down WMP 11 lacked support for subscribing to podcasts or pretty much any podcast support at all. Is there plans to try and get some podcast support into WMP 11 by the time it RTM’s?

Geoff Harris: We hear you and you can rest assured that we’re working on something. We know it’s important and are huge fans of podcasting. This is just beta1 and there is more to come. It’s a matter of aligning resources and bringing things out in a staged approach so we can make sure we get one thing right (Urge) without trying to tackle too much at the same time.

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