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MPAA explains Pyramid of Internet Piracy

Do you know how video pirates manage to find the latest Hollywood blockbusters - They use Camcorders. MPAA has released a diagram that describes how piracy and pirates work from recording till the point when the pirated movie reaches the end consumer.

MPAA says that 90 percent of pirated initial releases come from camcording in movie theaters. Once made, illegal movies often appear online within hours or days of a movie premiere.

Illegally recorded movies are then sold to individuals who distribute them around the world through computer servers known as "Topsites." The extraordinary speed and power of a Topsite triggers the avalanche that is global Internet piracy.

Consequently, the film appears in street markets around the world just days after the US theatrical release and well before its international debut.

Click the diagram to view it full size or download it in PDF format.

You can also download a WMV Presentation on The Global Avalanche of Internet Piracy at the MPAA website.