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Microsoft PDF plugin for Office 2007 unlikely to be free

Since native PDF export feature is officially out of Office 2007, Microsoft planned to to provide a separate PDF add-on for free to Office 2007 users.

Adobe was not happy with the proposal and wanted Microsoft to charge Office customers for the PDF plugin.

While the two parties have not reached an agreement on PDF addon yet, there are some hints dropped by Mark Talkington in his Office Online post:
Where Office Online comes in, though, is in directing you to the add-on that will make this happen. The press has written that it will be available on the Office Online home page...

In the meantime there are some loose ends, such as whether this will be a free download and the fact we have to change about two dozen help articles that currently say we offer PDF capabilities.
Loose ends ? Seems the Adobe-Microsoft negotiations are still on.

Clearly, the PDF-Office 2007 route is not smooth for Microsoft and "Big Brother" Adobe is definitely working hard to derail the free PDF addon.