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Microsoft LifeCam: Web Cameras for Blogging, Hi Def. Video

While Microsoft offers no online video service like rivals Google or Yahoo, the Redmond giant is taking a different "hardware" route to make their presence felt in the video market - they have launched Web 2.0 feature-rich Webcams for video chatting, photo blogging and video conferencing.

LifeCam Webcams have built-in noice-cancelling microphones and advanced video cameras which make them a perfect hardware solution for Video Blogging and Podcasting. One size fits all.

The Webcam provides one-click access to Windows Live Messenger - clicking on a contact from the list starts a videoconference. In addition to video, both cameras take still photographs which can be published to blogs hosted on Windows Live Spaces.

The $100 LifeCam VX-6000, includes a higher-quality camera than the $50 VX-3000 does. Microsoft LifeCams also work with other instant messaging programs, such as Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

Logitech hold the largest Webcam market share but with Microsoft making an entry in the Webcam space, Logitech will face the pressure to innovate faster and offer better integration with existing IM software. Microsoft and Logitech already compete in keyboards and mice devices.

News Source: SeattlePi | PC Advisor