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Mad Rush to Preinstall Software While Computer is still in the womb

Add RemoveWhether you take Microsoft, Google or even Skype, software companies are running to the PC vendors to get their software installed on the computer much before it comes out of the womb (or the factory). Why ?

When we buy a new desktop or laptop, we rarely touch the default factory settings. The same holds good for software as well. Most of us never uninstall software that comes pre-loaded with a new computer because either we don't have the time or don't know of a better alternative or because of the fear that uninstalling might break some other software.

Software companies are well aware of our laziness and are leaving no stone unturned to pre-install as much software as possible on Naked PCs. Nobody is really bothered whether the software will be of any use to the end user or just waste the precious disk space.

Let's looks at some of the recent marketing deals among software companies and hardware vendors:

» Dell has recently signed a $1 Billion deal with Google under which Dell will install Google Toolbar and Desktop Search on all computers which they ship in future.

» Skype today announced a deal with Dell under which Skype VoIP software will be bundled with the new XPS M1210 and M2010 laptops from Dell.

» WebAroo, that lets you search the web offline, has a similar deal with Acer.

» WebEx have signed a new promotion deal with Sony under which Sony will pre-install a desktop icon that links to the WebEx trial on all new Sony VAIO Pro TX and BX series models,

So how should you handle preinstalled software on your new laptop ? The factory installed software may be good or bad, but what really matters is will you ever use it ? If not, it's time to clean the house.

Mark Kyrnin suggests that you uninstall all preinstalled applications that they do not use. This can save a lot of system memory, hard drive space and even boost performance.

Do this immediately after you purchase the new computer. Even if you delete something by mistake, you can always do a fresh install without loosing any of your important data because there's nothing on the PC yet.