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Love Lost: Yahoo! Sued as Google Adwords Customer

A couple of loose ends in the policies of Google Adwords Program are leading to lawsuits.

Last month, Microsoft sued a Google Adwords user for using Microsoft's brand name to trick web users into buying software using Adsense-AdWords program.

And today, a lawsuit is filed against Google's arch rival Yahoo for their Adwords campaign on Google Network.

Adobe using Techsmith keywords to advertise on GoogleYahoo reportedly purchased search keywords like lovecity, www.lovecity and on Adwords. So if someone searched for these terms on Google, a link to Yahoo's dating website was given in the Sponsored links sections of the search results page.

The owner of (online dating website) was not impressed and sued Yahoo, for directing web searcher looking for lovecity on Google to Yahoo's dating site.

This reminds of a similar Adwords campaign that Adobe used to attract users looking for Techsmith products on Google. Adobe develops Captivate which is in direct competition with Camtasia Studio developed by Techsmith. (screenshot above)