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How to Photograph Strangers on the Streets

What does it take to shoot photographs of people you meet on the roads ? All you need is a camera, brightly colored poster boards, some candies and a pen to note down the email and name of the person you're shooting.

But how do we convince people who don't know you ? Photojojo has some good tips for wannabe street portrait photographers:

» Setup on a busy block or corner and act like a car salesman would. Chat with all who pass by-the young, the old, the serious, the jovial. (Tips: Just strike up a conversation! Where are they from? Where are they going? How do they feel? Where did they get that hat? Do they like candy canes?)

» Ask each subject to stand in front of the posterboard at a pose of their choice. Meanwhile, take down their name and email address as well as any idiosyncratic facts.

» Shoot until you run out of candy or the sun goes down.