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Google Seattle Engineering Center: A Silent Rising Star

Did you know that Google has an R&D Office in Seattle that's just a 10 minute drive from Microsoft Headquarters.

Google rarely talks about this Seattle Engineering Office located in Microsoft's backyard but most of the products shown by Larry Page at the CES 2006 had their start here.

It's a breeding ground for new ideas as at least six products were created here, including Google Talk, Google Maps, Google Video, Google Sitemaps, Google Pack and Google Gadgets.

To pamper the talented staff, this Office too has a massage room, Ikea furniture in bright primary colors, soft beanbag chairs and a cafeteria serving gourmet organic fare.

There are wine-and-cheese receptions every Friday afternoon with Larry Page and Sergey Brin on videoconference.

Infact, Findory chief thinks this move is intended to steal top talent from the Redmond giant.

Source: Big Google ideas generated here