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Google Logo Maker Website Taken Offline, clones available which allowed visitors to create customized rainbow style Google logos has now shut down. No official word but I suspect that Google lawyers served them a notice for trademark violations.

Incase you are curious to know what Logogle was all about, check this old pages of Logogle website available in the Google Cache.

Logogle has shifted operations to a different domain but Google logo creator option is missing even in the new site. Just confirrms the suspicion that Google may have forced them to pull down shutters.

Following the success of Logogle, several clones of Google Logo Maker are now available all across the web. Here's a partial list of the popular alternatives to Google Logo Creator:

007Google - Type in the words and click create logo. Fast and simple. - Offers logo designs of popular brands like Google, Coke, Yahoo, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, etc. Logo style and colors can be customized online. - Another Google Logo Maker. - Collection of unofficial Google Logos and artwork.

Photoshop Tutorial - How to create Google Logos at home.

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Quick Tip: Official Google Doodles are created with a font called Catull. Since Google Font is commercial, you can substitute it with Times New Roman that's close to Catull and comes bundled with Windows.