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Face the Computer all day ? Take enough breaks, Move Around

Don't ignore any pain if you are spending most of your day infront of the computer screen. Else, it may be possible that you would lose the ability to tell hot from cold, find yourself dropping things or develop a syndrome known as "foot drop," in which pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause a foot to drag while you walk.

If you have had aching any place - lower back, upper back, between the shoulder blades, wrists or hands - for three days, you need to have it looked at.

ExtremeTech story - The Perils of PC Posture - has some good suggestions for "computer workers" to save themselves from a lifetime of aching backs and sore necks - "Get your butt out of the chair as much as possible. You can talk on phone while standing; you can stand to read a document."

"If you do shoulder rolls or simple stretches every 20-30 minutes and walk around for five minutes every hour, you keep your perspective fresh and your mind active. In the end, you'll be more productive."

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