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Download Mosquitotone: Teenage Repellent turns favorite Ringtone of Students

Technology vs Teenagers - Who is winning ?

Mosquito device sends out a high pitched irritating noise that can only be heard by young men as most people over 25 do not hear sound at this frequency range. The purpose of Mosquito is to prevent unwanted gatherings of youths and teenagers in shopping malls and around shops or chase them away.

Not only shopkeepers, Railway companies have placed the device to discourage youths from spraying graffiti on trains and the walls of railway stations.

When Compound Security System developed Mosquito, they would never have imagined that the device would actually help kids and teenagers in their classrooms.

The sound emitted by the Mosquito Teens Repellant is now converted into a Cellphone Ringtone. Since adult teachers cannot hear the sound because it's too high-pitched, school children can receive text message alerts and incoming calls on their cell phones without the teacher knowing.

Download Mosquito Ringtone | Mosquito Tone Mirror