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Convert Notepad or iTunes Help into a Web Browser

Surf the web inside your favorite software help without opening an instance of Internet Explorer or Firefox.

The following technique can be applied to any Windows XP software (like Notepad, Calculator, Apple iTunes, WordPad, MS Paint or Windows Media Player,) that bundles the help files in Microsoft HTML Help format (CHM).

Step 1: Start iTunes, WMP or any other software

Step 2: Either press F1 or click the help file to open the Help file.

Step 3: Press Alt+X and then J on your keyboard. (Alternatively, you click the yellow question-mark like icon situated on the top left corner of the help window. Now Choose Jump to URL)

Step 4: Type the full URL in the dialog and press Enter.

The website opens in the main panel of the help window. You can browse the web just like IE, access the contextual IE menue or use the Back/Forward buttons. To open another website, repeat Step 3.