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Cameraphones kill Memories: Use Digital Cameras or Camcorders

Camera phones may be convinient and perfect for shooting quick pictures, but they are not fit for recording once-in-a-lifetime events like Graduation Days or Wedding Ceremonies.

Lance Ulanoff of PCWorld has made a very good point about people who use 1 Megapixel cameraphones to shoot important events of life:
Don't these people own regular digital cameras? Of course they do! Did they forget them? Probably not. I think they made the conscious decision to leave the bulkier camera at home and capture the magic with their Motorola Razr.

Too bad they weren't capturing the words, tears, smiles, and general hoopla surrounding the event. Oddly, many had the tool to do so right in their hands: the digital camera. Virtually all midrange digital cameras also capture video (most with sound, too).
Finally, it is the quality of the captured image or video that will matter. As Lance says, those seeking to capture memories need to think not only of the moment, but of the future. They need to imagine the day when they'll be sitting in their living room or den, laughing and crying over their digitally captured memories.

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