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The 1000 Word Homepage Experiment

Inspired by Alex Tew's Milliondollar Homepage experiment, two students in London have launched a one page website that contains exactly 1000 English words. Here you buy individual words instead of pixels.

The price varies from EUR 100 to EUR 1000 depending upon the font size you choose. At the time of writing, 11 words were sold on the The 1000 Word Page.

While the idea is nice and may become popular, there are three possible issues that can push advertisers behind:

» The price of individual words is just two high for a website that's so new.

» The words are not linking directly to the advertiser's website but to an intermediate page which does a meta redirect to the actual site. Therefore, it will not really help in improving the search engine ranking of the advertiser's website.

» All the words carry the same price tag. I thought words that are below the main fold should have a much lower value. Update: The location of the words will be random.