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Yahoo Reboots: New design is sleek and intuitive

Yahoo has unveiled their new homepage design. It was earlier available at but now they have moved it to their main domain. And to take care of users with old browsers, the old Yahoo page design is still available at

The most impressive feature in the new design is that you can check your Yahoo Mail without leaving the homepage. Just hover the mouse over the Mail box and it shows a sleek preview of your unread Yahoo Mails. Similary, the Messenger tab notifies you about your online Yahoo buddies. Clicking on an online friend launches Yahoo Messenger.

Just like WSJ, NYTimes, CNN or The Guardian, Yahoo too has migrated to a wider page size since most users now have atleast 800x600 resolution monitors. There's is also an option to switch to a narrow layout or change the color themes.

Links to all the Yahoo services like Finance, Games, Shopping, etc are now on the right sidebar while sponsored links (advertisements) are placed at the bottom. That makes the design even more appealing.

Yahoo has come a long way from being an internet portal to a web service provider. In my opinion, Yahoo Homepage team has done a wonderful job. What do you think of the new design ?