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Windows Live Search Desktop Team Reacts to Criticism

The Windows Live product team is responsible for the development of Casino which is an integrated desktop and internet search add on for Windows Desktop.

They are facing some tough music for giving Windows Live Search on the desktop the same name as their internet search engine - Windows Live.

Trying to set things straight, the Casino team is reasons that MSFT didn't run of ideas or names:
We think it makes sense that our search offering falls under the same umbrella as Windows Live Search. However, we're still fairly early in the development of our product and we're still working out how our Windows Live Search client gets named and rolled out.

So in short - expect our naming strategy to make a lot more sense when we get closer to shipping the beta!
I have seen the screenshot of WIndows Live Search Desktop on LiveSide and it's so impressive and sleek. I think Microsoft has a wonderful product in the making. Google, X1, Copernic may please take note.

Windows Live Search Desktop

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