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Website gives visitors a peek into Daily Adsense Earnings Realtime

Taking a very novel route, information aesthetics, a website on Data Visualization, has decided to give site visitors a glimpse of their Daily Adsense Earnings.

So they have a put an Adsense Earnings graph (or a sparkline diagram) on every page of their website. The graph is update on an hourly basis.

Since Adsense TOS doesn't allow publishers to disclose your daily income, CTR and eCPM, this site doesn't disclose the actual figures but only relative values [like Google Trends]

The Adsense Team has approved this daily earning diagram:
Generally publishers are not permitted to disclose daily earnings information in any form. However, you may implement the chart you have described , as long as it does not display any numbers or draw undue attention to the ads.
On the tech side, the Adsense graph is based on the Adsense RSS feed script developed by Planet Ozh. It also makes use of the Sparkline PHP library.