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.TEL Domain is ready to manage contacts

TEL - a new Top Level Domain like .com or .net has been approved by ICANN who recently rejected the .xxx domain prefix.

This new prefix .tel is expected to help people manage all their contact information online at a central location.

For instance, Google is known on the internet as but will become a more logical web address holding Google contact information.

A user would type on their mobile phone and be connected to a customer service representative for the local area. You could list your contact information like VoIP dialing details or IM name and users could initiate a chat or send a text message to you from your .tel website.

Thought the .tel top-level domain is expected to go into effect in 2007, a "sunrise" period will allow public bodies and business trademark holders with prior rights to register their domains, which will be followed by a "land rush" period where registration is open to all,

Source: PCWorld | Digit News