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ScanSafe Executive says I'm confused

Reacting to my article on Scandoo, Dan Nadir who is VP Product Strategy at ScanSafe, Scandoo's parent company, left the following comment:
Unfortunately you are confused about what Scandoo is doing. Scandoo is NOT adding any ads - the sponsored ads are exactly what you'd see without Scandoo.
Dan, are you really sure that Scandoo is not adding any ads ? I think, otherwise.

Update: The source of confusion is because of the location from where the search is originated. Google Ads about Adult content are shown on Google Search Pages if the visitor is based in US or UK. I don't see them as I am in India while Dan sees them as he is located in either US or UK.

Please look at the screenshots below.

Google Search with Scandoo for xxx - You have ads on the top and the right sidebar.

Google Search without Scandoo for xxx - Zero Ads

I am confident that Google Adwords are not serving Ads that lead to Porn websites. So where are these ads appearing from when the Scandoo service is not adding any ads - as you claim ?

If you still need some more examples, look at the different ads displayed here - Scandoo Results vs Google Results