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Rocketboom @ $4/month: There's money in video podcasting

Rocketboom, the world's most popular video podcast, receives more than 350,000 unique viewers a day, half of whom are from outside the U.S.

The Rocketboom show is created with a consumer-level video camera, edited on a laptop, two lights and a map with no additional overhead or costs. (see the picture of a Rocketboom set on the right).

Still it takes $20 to produce the daily vidcast. So how are these guys making money ?

Sometime back, Rocketboom auctioned advertising slots on the 3 minute show for 40,000 US Dollars for one week on eBay. But now they may take the Apple iTunes road.

Amanda Congdon, the young attractive female anchor, disclosed the premium-subscription plans while speaking at the Syndicate Conference in NYC. She said that they’re looking at somewhere around $4 a month, to keep it reasonable for the masses.

I am hopeful that Amanda fans won't mind the cost. The issue could arise only when their video is uploaded on YouTube the moment it's released. It's close to impossible to stop people (or pirates) from doing so.

Update: Will Video for Food writes about Revver, MotionTV and ClipSyndicate services which essentially share Ad revenue with Video owners. Anyone can post videos to Revver, and they make a 20% affiliate fee (leaving the remaining 80% to be split by Revver and the creator).

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Source: Amanda Congdon Live | Marketwatch